We will be sponsoring DFI 42nd Annual Conference in New Orleans, USA.
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Drilling Buckets
Core Barrel
Tremie Suits
Spare Parts
Piling Rigs
Used Piling Rigs
Auger Drivers
We will be participating and sponsoring the Deep Foundations Institute 42nd Annual Conference between October 24-26, 2017 in New Orleans, US.
Thank you for visiting us at our booth (Bronze Hall #B-90922 - Las Vegas Convention Center) at the Conexpo Show that was held in Las Vegas, NV, USA between March 7th-11th 2017.
We participated and sponsored the Deep Foundations, Seepage Control and Remediation Conference of DFI in New York, USA
- Auger
- Drilling Buckets
- Casing
- Core Barrel
- Tremie Suits
- Spare Parts
- Piling Rigs
- Auger Drivers
- Used Piling Rigs

          Armador Consultancy Machinery Ltd., has long years experience in drilling & piling tools, special machines manufacturing and in metal sector. We are ready to serve for your needs in foundation drilling equipments and tools. Our expertise hits top on solutions of rotary drill type piling systems' tools & attachments. 

          Please feel free to contact us or send web message for every kind of piling tools inquires. 


Please download the recent 2016 catalogue. Others are historic.

(NEW!) 2016 Rotary Bored Piling Tools Catalogue: Armador-Bored-Piling-Tools-2016.pdf (7,63 MB)

(Historic) 2013 Rotary Bored Piling Tools Catalogue: Armador_Bored_Piling_Tools_2013.pdf(5,04 MB)
(Historic) 2010 Rotary Bored Piling Tools Catalogue: Armador_Bored_Piling_Tools_2010.pdf(6,62 MB)
(Historic) 2009 Rotary Bored Piling Tools Catalogue: Armador_Bored_Piling_Tools_2009.pdf (7,50 MB)
(Historic) 2007 Rotary Bored Piling Tools Catalogue:
Armador_Rotary_Bored_Piling_Tools.pdf (1,47 MB) 


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