We will be sponsoring DFI 42nd Annual Conference in New Orleans, USA.
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We will be participating and sponsoring the Deep Foundations Institute 42nd Annual Conference between October 24-26, 2017 in New Orleans, US.
Thank you for visiting us at our booth (Bronze Hall #B-90922 - Las Vegas Convention Center) at the Conexpo Show that was held in Las Vegas, NV, USA between March 7th-11th 2017.
We participated and sponsored the Deep Foundations, Seepage Control and Remediation Conference of DFI in New York, USA
Products >> Tremie Suits
Tremie Suits
- TRB series - Tremie Pipe
- TRC series - Tremie Shoe
- TRH series - Tremie Rope
- TRT series - Tremie Holder (Suspension Jig)
- TRK series - Tremie Funnel (Hopper)
- TRF series - Tremie Swivel (Carrier Attachment Head)
- TRO series - Tremie O-Ring
- TRS series - Tremie Rack
- TRJ series Tremie Joints



Armador is also manufacturing tremie suits for your concrete operations at the field in bored piling applications.

Our tremie suits based on two different dimensional models:

  • TRM-273 series

  • TRM-220 series

Our suits consist of the following items:

  • Tremie pipes - TRB series

  • Tremie buckets - TRK series

  • Tremie caps - TRF series

  • Tremie holders - TRT series

  • Tremie ropes - TRH series